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Winter HAYven is dedicated to offsetting the costs of winter hay for needy thoroughbreds, off of the track, and to support qualified foster/transitional rehoming organizations and struggling, but responsible horse owners in times of need.

Our fundraising team needs your help immediately. When the green grasses of summer are gone, we have hungry/starving horses that require medical attention and hay throughout the winter months. Please make your contribution now and ask your friends to help.

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Hunger isn't seasonal.  However, in the northern states the winters are extremely difficult for our horses, off of the track and  in foster/transitional care, which is why our year-round fundraising needs so much attention. Please contact us to find out how you can help!

Winter HAYven is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating hunger, neglect and aid in the rehoming of thoroughbreds off of the track and assist needy, but responsible horse owners. For more than 12 years, Winter HAYven has devoted it's energy to passionately advocating for hungry and needy horses. Because of the emerging needs of unwanted horses, especially off of America's racetracks, a great increase in the need for foster homes, medical attention and hay during the long winter months is on the rise. Please take a moment to contribute to the future of a horse in need through donations of money and time.... One bale at a time!

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